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With the 2018 trade deadline upon us Patrick Mahomes Jersey , we found this story about another NFL trade deadline very interesting.On Monday, how on Fox Sports Radio, and told a crazy story about the time Kansas City Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez was almost traded — but in 2008, the year before Scott Pioli became Chiefs general manager and traded Gonzalez to the Atlanta Falcons.Here’s the story:It’s October 2008, right at the NFL trade deadline. The Chiefs — led by head coach Herm Edwards — are in free fall, and Tony Gonzalez wants out.As Glazer tells the story, he is deeply involved in a potential trade.“There were two teams that were willing to trade three-plus-players: the Green Bay Packers — Mike McCarthy was the head coach, and he was willing to trade a third-round pick [and a player I don’t remember] — and the Philadelphia Eagles and Andy Reid, who were willing to trade a third-round pick and L.J. Smith. [I think it was],” Glazer said on the show.“So everybody kind of agreed to terms, and I tell Tony, ‘Hey, it’s up to you.’In Glazer’s telling, Gonzalez doesn’t want to to go workouts or mini-camps, but both the Packers and Eagles are willing to accept Gonzalez coming to just one mini-camp.“So it’s like, ‘Tony, you’ve got to pick which team you want to do,’ and the Chiefs will do it,” Glazer continues.“But all of the sudden, at 4:40 — I think the trade deadline back then was 5:00 — I get these texts at the same time. Just cursing out the Chiefs.[They’re] from the Packers and the Eagles.At the very last minute, Carl Peterson said, ‘No, I’ve decided I want a two.’Glazer said that at first Travis Kelce Jersey , Gonzalez thinks he is joking when Glazer calls to say the Chiefs are backing out.“I called him back and said, ‘Hey, Carl is switching up on these guys — pretty much after the deadline — and you’re not getting traded.’And he goes, ‘Oh, my gosh.Wouldn’t that be funny?’And I said, ‘Tony, I’m dead serious.’And he’s like, ‘Is this one of your normal moron jokes?’And I’m like, ‘No. Carl pulled a number on you.You didn’t get traded.’“And [Gonzalez] goes insane and says, ‘I’m done. I’m retiring.I’m quitting.’He’s like, ‘We ate that season.I’m out. I’m done. I’m not playing for this guy.I’m done.’And then he’s like, ‘Pull your pad out.I want to do an article.’Saying the most incredible, inflammatory things about Carl Peterson.I said, ‘Tony, I’m not going to do an article with you [when you’re] angry like this, because you’ll regret it in five hours.’Every time I call him back, I say, ‘Calm down, we’ll do a story,’ and he’s like going off, cursing, this and that — talking about things that I know he didn’t really mean.“Finally, five hours later — I kept calling him back every hour — and I’m like Tyreek Hill Jersey , ‘OK, are we ready here?’And he says, ‘OK, I’m calmed down.Um... you didn’t print any of the stuff I said earlier, did you?’And I’m like, ‘No, dude, I didn’t.We’d both be in trouble if I did.’Man.True story.”So Tony Gonzalez could have gone to the Packers or the Eagles — still with five-plus years left in his career — but Peterson reneged on the deal, getting half of a season from a very unhappy player.But in the Fox Sports segment, Glazer also said that Gonzalez didn’t really want to be in either Green Bay or Philadelphia.Instead, he wanted to go to the New York Giants.According to Glazer, however, Giants GM Jerry Reese absolutely refused to give even a third-round pick for the Chiefs tight end.But finally, Gonzalez got his wish.When Scott Pioli was named Chiefs general manager after the 2008 season, the Chiefs tight end was traded to the Atlanta Falcons.As it turned out, Peterson got his wish, too.The Gonzalez trade gave the Chiefs a second-round pick in 2010 — but Peterson wasn’t the one who got to use it.Chiefs vs. Chargers: Game and score predictions I cannot wait for the Kansas City Chiefs game to start on Sunday. The excitement is killing me. As per usual, the Arrowhead Pride staff will provide picks each week leading up to the game — which is what you’ll see here.This year, we will track the picks and tally the correct predictions to see which contributor has the best foresight. For now, let’s get to the predictions:Shawn Barber, Chiefs 21-20After listening to Rumble Band play those drums for an hour this morning while selling Kingdom flags for donations for Ronald McDonald House I’m sure the Chiefs will win a tough matchup 21-20 over the Chargers.1. Chiefs win the turnover battle.2. Chargers offense stall in the red- zone.3. Chargers missing pro-bowl DE and CB.4. Chiefs dominate the kicking game.5. Pat Mahomes mobility will play a big factor.Aaron Borgman, Chiefs 28-248-0 speaks for itself. Andy > Phillip.John Dixon, Chiefs 38-35Most pundits think the Chargers will win the AFC West this season. But to do that Carlos Hyde Jersey , they’ll have to beat the Chiefs, which they haven’t done since 2013. It’s going to be a shootout, but the Chiefs win 38-35.Matt Lane, Chiefs 27-13The Chargers simply don’t play well against Kansas City, specifically since Andy Reid and Bob Sutton have arrived here. People can talk about the “new, more talented” Chargers team all they want, plenty of the staples are still there and simply have not played well vs the Chiefs. Phillip Rivers has struggled to figure out Bob Sutton’s defense, including last year with an even worse secondary, Melvin Gordon usually finds success early in games against KC but it stalls out around the halfway point, and while guys like Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa have always given the Chiefs fits, their secondary has never been able to hold up. Offensively we’ve barely scratched the surface of what they are going to offer this year and unfortunately for LA, they are the victim of the long prep time Reid thrives with.Gary McKenzie, Chiefs 19-13I’m not so sure this is going to be a shootout. In fact, I think this will be a low scoring game. I think this because Sutton has done well against Rivers and the Chargers in the past. Mahomes will also be facing a very sophisticated Chargers defense which is run by Gus Bradley.I think the Chiefs pound the ball on the ground, run the clock, and the game will be lower scoring than we all think. Mahomes will drive the ball down the field late in the fourth quarter and score the game-winning touchdown.Matt Stagner, Chiefs 38-31(Andy Reid voice) Look, here’s the thing, we’re going to be ok here, it’s not our first time doing this. (end Andy Reid voice) All the hand-wringing about Bob Sutton and the secondary has distracted from the fact that this team is likely IMPROVED from the version that hasn’t lost to the bolts since 2013. The offense could be among the league elites, with Mahomes, Hill, Kelce Juan Thornhill white jersey , 4 stud RBs and Watkins running a playbook we haven’t even seen yet. The defense got younger, stronger against the run, and healthier overall. The pass rush should be improved with the new 4 man rotation at OLB. Kendall Fuller is a star at CB (in place of a Peters), and the rest of the secondary is no worse than last year’s version. I don’t expect a shutout, or a blowout, but I do expect a win. 38-31 ChiefsCraig Stout, Chiefs 27-14Everybody’s worried about the Chiefs defense coming into this game (potentially) without Eric Berry and with question marks in the Chiefs secondary. Does that sound familiar? Because it should. The Chiefs held the Chargers to 10 and 13 points in their two matchups in 2017, with healthy versions of Melvin Gordon, Keenan Allen, Hunter Henry, and Phillip Rivers. With the Chiefs better equipped to stop the run this season, and arguably better overall fits in the secondary, I predict a similar result.Kent Swanson, Chiefs 31-27I’m fully expecting something wildly unique from the offense on Sunday. Andy Reid has had way too much time to not expect that he has found some creative ways to maximize the talents of his young quarterback. The same can be said about his skill player, including new toy Sammy Watkins. The Chiefs will get multiple touchdowns early, and Mahomes will make a play late to maintain possession and close the game out. The defense does just enough.Pete Sweeney, Chargers 31-20I like the idea of having a Week 1 AFC West matchup, as right out of the gate, it feels like this game matters more. The Los Angeles Chargers have been the Las Vegas favorite to win the division all offseason despite the Chiefs winning back-to-back titles. The Chargers haven’t beaten the Chiefs since Chase Daniel was the quarterback, but I don’t think that matters here. This is a new Chargers team that offers one of the best front sevens in the league. I look at this game and it’s simple.Chargers offense, good; Chargers, defense good. Chiefs offense, good; Chiefs defense Juan Thornhill Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys , HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE at this juncture.Joel Thorman, Chiefs 30-28Things go as expected with Patrick Mahomes putting up big numbers and the Chiefs defense giving up big numbers. In the end, the Chiefs home crowd in LA helps swing a victory for the good guys.Aly Trost, Chargers 31-27The Chiefs may be unbeaten against the Chargers in their last 8 meetings, but I see that ending on Sunday as Los Angeles will continue to ride the successful end of their 2017 campaign into Sunday’s game. I predict a slow start for the Chiefs — offensively and defensively, which will result in an early lead for the home team. With a lack of consistency on the defensive end for the Chiefs, as well as the possibility of some regular season growing pains for Mahomes, the Chiefs will make a strong effort to comeback, but will fall short. Mahomes will throw another 60+ yard touchdown pass and Philip Rivers will reverse his 30 career interception curse against KC.Dane Van Why, Chiefs 30-21Definitely anticipating a slow start as Coach Reid and the offense add in newer concepts and plays that weren’t showcased in any of the preseason games. But, once they get rolling, I expect Mahomes and the offense to take some shots, if they can avoid the pass rush of LA, that is. I expect the StubHub center to become Arrowhead West for a few hours, giving the Chiefs an odd “home field advantage”, 1,700 miles from home. I feel like the Chargers Duo of Williams at Wide Receiver have an opportunity for big showings matched up against the Chiefs cornerbacks. The ageless Antonio Gates will score a TD somehow.In total, 10 staff members picked the Chiefs and two staff members picked the Chargers.What’s your prediction?

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