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04.10.2022 05:45
But the opponent Antworten

Ye Qiu knows.Is him ground the spirit attack caused to bite a soul ring ground to protect lord function.Talk about strong mentality.Snake king how can without a break absorb him/herlself with a day and 24 hours again energy ground does the ring compare?
Hence, is next to match need not leaf autumn to worry.Completely from love a soul ring and invade the combat of brain to fight.The black bead son becomes orderly and gobbles up all of all waves that run to come in a ground of spirit.
Ye Qiu knows that his/her own opportunity came, he would account and then account and still pretended oneself to be subjected to a temperament attack general, pain not the desire life and death live to desire fairy toring to pull of desire dead, roar.Finally, generation superior snake the king let go of to take precautions against in front of him, then at the time of closing to him, be rowed a palm with the Wan by him.
In fact the leaf autumn is very greed, what he thought is a shot to necessarily kill, when the king of snake closes to, give° him to open chest Pou stomach on the spot.Is regrettable, the snake Wang Di's arm fore the noodles blocked for a while, the wishes of leaf autumn didn't can carry out.
Even connect Latin rare also have no awake from the in the mind earthquake surprised, that puts on to imitate the silver that the Buddha shines in glory horizon only haven't driven out to go out in brain from his ground.
"This bastard.He plays to depend on."Latin is rare to hate ground to think a way.
"Damn.You damn."The king of the snake is stagnant along while, finally accepted oneself current miserable sight, indignantly roar, have to brandish to embroider with that the whistle hurtled toward the leaf autumn past.
If he thought to be useful in the beginning place type and leaf so the autumn dueled of words, probably, leaf the condition autumn now would be troublesome.
But, on recruiting to lose, the overall situation loses.
Ye Qiu knows at this time of he flightily annoys Zao, the mentality is again subjected to this to maul heavily, don't basically and impossibly form effective defense.
The autumn of the leaf lightly fondles to bite a soul ring, together weak silver light flash across, the ring quickly turns to move.Then leaf the autumn make use of the energy in the ring and keep the shot snake king's memory sea.
The snake king of severely wounded didn't take precautions against, drive leaf the autumn attackstone brain area success.At facing leaf the autumn sprint of in the process, suddenly fall down, dead straight fall at ground up.
The whole field is again shocked!
Especially always at pay attention to a leaf the autumn fights of leaf's tiger and Luo thousand soldiers wait a person, hopeless situation backstroke see a leaf for autumn suddenly, all have some to dare not believe oneself's eyes.
Before, the interjection of leaf autumn is so wretched.Let people smell of sad, listen to it sheding tears.And, when the king of snake heads for a leaf for autumn, leaf's tiger and silver Li also really shed tears.They know, snake once letting the king close to, leaf the autumn doomed.
Other persons are to shout oneslef hoarse ground to yell and strongly want to rescue a leaf for autumn.But the opponent of their in front is like a wall of burliness, no matter how they make great effort, can't offend to break this intercepting of wall.
See a leaf suddenly make effort for autumn, the tears of leaf's tiger cries a ground of Hua Hua more of.This guy can't vent the joy in his/her own heart again and just loudly yell:"Teacher, I know you
They calculate fart, Lao Tze's one punch bombs to die them."
Part loudly Rang Rang, speed and strength for boxing also again speed.All over being full of strength is like the Ao that fights in the sun underneath the Man is especially.
Ye Qiu knows that the snake king's brain area is weighed Chuang by he or she, but not necessarily dies.As long as canning get full rest and treatment, he can still like.
Take advantage o his disease, want his life.Clobber's falling into water a dog is a leaf's autumn where learned the good habit for coming from the old headman.
The list keeps Wan, swoop wear body toward the king of snake hurtle pass by.
Have the Jian of snake the female's ex- car, leaf autumn this prepares to make the snake dismembering into 18 pieces a king to.
You not is put together?Chop down you into 18 pieces, I don't believe you to also have way to put together I.
"Seek dead."Latin hopes facial expression dark, the steel fork on the forehead type the purple spot gleam red light.That red light is just one Shan but dies, then then resumes as usual.

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