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24.02.2023 03:07
Those two people appear and disappear mysteriously the emergence of sort.The so abrupt station is in the street in the center Antworten

"Many thanks to young master, I don't drink."The ghost copies to get down his rugged body hard noodles Gong Gong to show for appreciating young master.
"The ghost shadow am these years with me, be really pain you, drink cup bar, have no call to keep awake this time, I think, now they the positive on the water towards the substitute that we seek to wildly make track for not to put."Thousand leaf the Xun corner of mouth take to disdain ground to say.
"Yes.The young master is astute."The ghost shadow smiles a compliment way.
Thousand leaf Xuns shook to shake head, the bitterness said with a smile:"If I ain't astute, if is astute, can't make oneself fall into insurance ground like this.I think all factor I compute at inside, but I didn't thought of, the leaf autumn would acquaint with with the Di promise of Chris, and, his ability indirect of influence the Di household of Ya Si Lan."
"Most what a mess of BE, I chose a greed very greatly, the but again would not like to undertake the cooperator of responsibility.Those Japan the person take we rounded a big turn son, arrive of place, will be subjected to for a sky, the field destroys making track for of remaining influence to kill.I am originally some doubts, through this matter, I am getting more certain, my movements is Japan those person to reveal by himself[herself]."
"Yes.What young master guesses BE, be just..Dead of is all ir person."The ghost copies a face to amenablely smile.The hands are cool-headed, the car quickly rushes to sail across ocean big bridge here up.
"Is also a meeting is this reason, so I just only change dress, but have no way assurance.The riddle bottom that is astute and does so, be result in to us the felling of a kind of end of the road end of road, then in clear and ordered patternly send to the China to us."
Thousand leaf Xun one mouthful drink to the utmost a cup in of sake, cold say with a smile:"If my astute of words, can't believe that they are more deathtraps to are more safe programmings, that dessert of theirs thinks me Be getting more understand on the whole."
"The slave isn't understand" sees the young master deliver goods, the ghost copied the smiling face on the face to disappear."
"They is make us come to walk into death, we are them of bait, they send to us China, by all means will disturb China military authority, rise to the real strenght in nowadays the strongest draw up the most perfect remarkable talent to also fight brigade heavenliness China, two tiger compete with each other, necessarily have a to harm.If we are buried China, thousand leaf household inevitable and China the country become irreconcilable enemy.This am the last exploitation for dancing in the wind to me in the their eyes.Do you feel"
"The young master is wise and farsighted and dominant.How to may be a discard"the ghost copy to hurriedly say.
"Not, they are to think so."Thousand leaf Xuns say, the glass cup in the handle knob kneads smash.
"Those in fact young master of, cheat young master of, humiliate young master of, there is also injury young master of, will pay for it" ghost shadow language takes murderous look's saying to get.
"Is quite good, they will pay for it, regardless is an autumn still three wells of leaf, three wells can betray me, why can I not drag along out from the thick film it?Looking at them two Dous together, isn't it also an affair that is enjoy to please the eye?"Thousand leaf Xuns' one faces crazily smile, the old grudge in eyes imitates a Buddha to let peripheral airs to all become steaming hot to get up.
The bright moon is empty, the night view is just thick.
Is already a dawn now, on this road in addition to the shadow copies the tree shadow of Chuo Chuo and has already hardly had vehicle to lead.
Thousand leaf Xuns know that the leaf autumn has the west household in the door in Hong Kong and the department get empty a helping of household set, one grass one woods can exert to accept eye bottom.
So they chose a quiet and out-of-the-way road.
But, so strange highway front unexpectedly two shadow of human figures.
Those two people appear and disappear mysteriously the emergence of sort.The so abrupt station is in the street in the center.
If the common run of people flies to frighten of wet the pants can not, this sees ghost general.
But ghost shadow after seeing the anterior shadow of human figure a heavy trample a brake, the car far and far stopped down.

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