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16.03.2023 10:44
Unification's getting is unexpectedly a Teng green mountain Antworten

The big palace is already decided new of the unification get, but big palace outside, wear 27 pupils of white tunic and wear black to vigorously pack of black A soldier 100 man long, but all clear hear the voice in the palace, an all low voice discuss.
" Unification's getting is unexpectedly a Teng green mountain."
"Do I have already guessed that those are ability and free and unfettered temple black and white two elders to are match equally.The black and white is two elders ……that can is all row 《ground placard 》 , literally one person, a recruit can kill us, those 2's cooperating don't defeat a Teng green mountain.Ze Ze, which day, I also ability and must ascend a green mountain younger brother Shi good."
"Still shout green mountain younger brother Shi?The somebody else gets generally."
"His heel we can are all 27 pupils and shout younger brother Shi how?"
"Do not lift this, just heard?September 28, does the Zang Feng get and challenge a green mountain to get generally generally."
"Zang Feng ……he at we the young generation have never lost."
"That Teng green mountain, but can cut to kill 《 ground placard 》superior of!"
Those core pupil superior and 100 men are long low voice discuss, but Teng the green tiger is the happy.Soon, a big cluster of person inside the big palace walks out and believes in a lord, enforces the law elder to walk fore noodles, later on four greatly get generally, elder, all all, protect one big cluster of persons like method,etc to follow behind.
Immediately, 100 men out of the big palace are long, the core pupils all pipe down.
"Cousin, this Xuan iron heavy A, you bring back for me."The Teng green mountain passes the thing to the Teng green tiger.
"Okay."The Teng green tiger connects to nod.
"I occupy and have to have in a short while to return to."Say, the Teng green mountain then follows behind to believe in a lord'various Ge dollar Hong'together leave.
Teng green mountain heel at the various Ge dollar Hong continuously go forward after death.
"Green mountain decideses?Learn the sword a method still a marksmanship?"Various Ge dollar Hong openings way.
"Teacher, the pupil learns marksmanship!"Teng green mountain polite way.
The various Ge dollar Hong listenned to not from shake head:"I guess!Green mountain, in fact sword method and marksmanship also have common place!Sword, heavy at'sting', and marksmanship also heavy at'sting'!With your scholastic attainment in marksmanship, completely can convert into a sword method."The Teng green mountain is also understand, marksmanship and sword method really have common place.
One handle sword is the long gun of simplification version!
"The gun is long, if 2 people draw back distance, the gun gains advantage!Can make to develop because of the length, not as vivid as sword!But four Chinese foot lances, but more easily display various sword method.After attaining inborn specially ……after' poem sword fairy' Lee too white was born, this, the sword method attains a highest point more.Inborn the strong is at most medium, take sword as!"The various Ge dollar Hong says.
The Teng green mountain also knows'poem sword fairy'Lee is too white.
Connect 《ground placard 》《Qian Long Bang 》 to wait book in, will also mention'poem sword fairy'Lee is too white, persons, such as the emperor of the Yu and Qin Ling Tian emperor...etc..
See from various book, position most loftily and undoubtedly BE'Yu emperor'and'Qin Ling Tian's emperor', those 2 people all unify world to lead.And force all hat unique world, but don't unify among numerous superiors of world, only have 2 people, ability and the emperor of the Yu, Qin Ling Tian emperor shoulder to shoulder.
1 are to create'the temple of Mo Ni', create a Buddha to believe in a self-discipline method, be called that it believes in Zu teacher for the Buddha of'sakya'!
The temple of Mo Ni can dominate two states in nine states, the superior is like cloud, deeply can not measure, become whole nine state eight greatest religious sect in the strongest of a parties, heel'sakya'the Zu teacher have the relation that can not escape from.
But another one person is a glamorous poem sword fairy'Lee is too white', this person in more than 3,000 year agos, the battle wore a handle lance to once maneuver world, none enemy.However, he didn't open Zong Li Pai, his extremely learn 《green lotus sword song 》 and once aroused a few calamities as well in history.

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