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31.03.2010 23:04
RE: Lilith und Leviathan Antworten

Eine uralte Freundschaft !

Die Wahrheit wiegt meistens schwer.

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23.04.2010 14:26
#2 RE: Lilith und Leviathan Antworten

Eine Annäherung zur Erklärung unter:

Auszug: Babalon ist eine ursprüngliche Gottheit, deren Existenz weit vor dem Aufflammen der
Materie begründet ist. Gemeinsam mit ihrem Dependant Leviathan formt sie den Impuls, der
die Materie veranlasste, sich aus dem Quantenmeer zu erheben.
Babalon und Leviathan liegen also weit "vor" Kether (zumindest linear zeitlich betrachtet)
und sind damit "nicht von dieser Welt".
Leviathan und Babalon sind zwei voneinander unabhängige, jedoch stets in Verbindung stehende
morphische Felder, die zur permanenten Emanation neigen. Beide Felder können konstruktiven,
als auch extrem destruktiven Charakter annehmen.

Die Wahrheit wiegt meistens schwer.

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27.08.2010 17:45
#3 RE: Lilith und Leviathan Antworten

Leviathan literally means; “That which gathers itself in folds” and is being called the crooked, twisted or tortuous serpent and the dragon. (Isa 27; 1)

Dragon; c.1220, from O.Fr. dragon, from L. draconem (nom. draco) "serpent, dragon," from Gk. drakon (gen. drakontos) "serpent, seafish," from drak-, strong aorist stem of derkesthai "to see clearly." But perhaps the lit. sense is "the one with the (deadly) glance." The young are dragonets (14c.). Obsolete drake "dragon" is an older borrowing of the same word. Used in the Bible to translate Heb. tannin "a great sea-monster.

It stands for the inner and outer waters of primary- and formed matter, the cosmos that surround the source of Light; the epicenter the way a snake curls up while asleep.

(Mouse over)

Because of the resistance light encounteres while shining into the primal waters, where matter was being born after the Big Bang; a shadow was thrown and a Darkness surrounded the lightcenter like a snake. This resistance is pictured in the Bible as the waters, the sea, being rebellious, or; “Rahab”; pride.

By his power he stilled the sea; by his understanding he smote Rahab. By His breath the heavens are cleared; His hand has pierced the fleeing serpent. Job 26:12

The angel of the sea rebelled at the beginning of times against the command of God to absorb the (higher) waters, (the Light) he said; “I have enough”. He was killed and his decaying body caused the stench of the surrounding waters. Haggadah on Rahab

Dead matter appeared. The story of Rahab is the story of the Cosmos being created.

The waters were arrogant and rebelled against the command of God and they all rose. The creator said; I ordered you to separate; one part up and one part down, but the waters remained stubborn and refused to obey the command of the creator of the universe. The creator stretched his little finger and tore the waters in half and the lower part immediately was lowered. Gen Rabba 5

On the second day, you created the spirit of the firmament and ordered him to divide and separate the waters from the waters, so that one part would go up and one part would stay down. 4 Ezra 6; 41

The Light threw a shadow, grim and terrible, that, gliding beneath me, became like turbulent water; a foamy chaos towering up like smoke . I heard an indescribable lament; a raw cry of separational pain. Initiation of Hermes.


Then the waters became ice; matter was being formed; suns, planets and galaxies. The Cosmos arose as a firmament between the waters, dividing the waters into inner and outer waters; higher (closest to the source) and lower waters. Throughout the Cosmos, on a smaller scale, matter seems to flow back to the source like water down a drain. The arms of the Galaxies encircling the sun like curled up snakes.

This is what these stories are about; the overwhelming creational forces that were at work after the Big Bang. Gravitational forces and centrifugal forces pulling and pushing the the newly formed matter.

In the Babylonian Talmud, Rahab, Leviathan, Behemoth are considered one and the same. Midrash Genesis Rabba 283, Talmud Sanhedrin 108b.

Behemoth stands for the bulky objects, the planets and rocks together forming the Galaxies and the Cosmos in general. Leviathan stands for the way they are folded around lightsources as Galaxies. Rahab stands for the darker part on the outside of the galaxies and the Cosmos in general.

Sometimes there is only talk of one Leviathan, but on occasion, this Leviathan seems to have more than one head..

Thou didst divide the sea by thy might; thou didst break the heads of the dragons on the waters. Thou didst crush the heads of Leviathan, thou didst give him as food for the creatures of the wilderness. Ps 74:13 RVS

Planets provide food to all life they support.

Now, in the Talmud Jerushalmi, light and darkness are considered to be “The waters above and below the firmament, or the male and female leviathan, (Konen 24)

which by the way, shows that pictures like these are misrepresentations of the idea.

Since God is above everything, the center of the Universe, the inside where the light comes from, is the above and the outside is the below.

One leviathan should be enclosed by (above) the firmament; the stars and galaxies, the other one should be pictured surrounding (below) the cosmos.

Like so...

Tohu is a green band that surrounds the universe spreading darkness.

Bohu consists of stones in the abyss, produced in the waters. Haggadah

Behemoth, the "Hippopotamus", the other creature besides Leviathan, represents the bulky rocks moving around in the waters. Its name is derived from Bohu.

And the earth (material universe) was waste (Tohu)

and without form (Bohu)

and it was dark on the face of the deep: (Tehom; Tiamat)

and the Spirit of God was moving (vibrating)

on the face of the waters. Gen 1;2

In Babylonian mythology these waters were known as Apsu (Portal of Wisdom) and Tiamat, (Mother of life; Tehom; the deep in Gen 1; 2) husband and wife. They together formed the waters that were known in Mesopotamian mythology as the goddess Nammu.

Ea, or Enki was born from An (Spirit) and Nammu. He established his sweet water kingdom (Ab-zu; Portal of wisdom; center of the higher waters; the realm of Light) right in the middle of Nammu the primal sea.

In the Mesopotamian Epos of creation, the story is, that Apsu and Tiamat raised four generations of gods. (The successive primal stages of creation that occurred in the waters.) Enki, (Ea) who knows everything, takes action, conqueres Apsu, and makes his residence in his domain, the center of universe.


Like a Jewel in a Lotus.

(Om mani padme om.)

So, the god Enki, (the same as Ea) now god of Sweet Waters, Magic, Crafts, and Wisdom, conquered and made his residence in Apsu. First there was only Chaos, the water of potentiality and was called Nammu by the Sumerians. Now there were two waters; called Apsu; Portal of Wisdom, and Tiamat; Ocean of life by the Assyrians.


And then the Spirit was hovering, and darkness and silence embraced everything; the sound of man's voice was not yet there. Then thou didst command that a ray of light be brought forth from thy treasuries, so that thy works might then appear. "Again, on the second day, thou didst create the spirit (angel) of the firmament, and didst command him to divide and separate the waters, that one part might move upward and the other part remain beneath. 4 Ezra 6;38 2 Esdras 6; 38

And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters, and God made the firmament, and divided the waters, which were under the firmament from the waters, which were above the firmament: and it was so, and God called the firmament Heaven. (Raqia; firmament) And there was evening and there was morning, a second day. Genesis 1;6 JPS

This firmament of course is the entire Cosmos.

This hovering Spirit of God wasn't just an energy blast out of nowhere, producing matter that, by some coincidence, produced life. It was much more than that. It was the mind power of God himself, carrying every aspect of creation in it, thus providing everything that was created with consciousness.

Hermetica describes it as follows;

The light threw a shadow, grim and terrible, that, gliding by under me turned like turbulent water; a smoking chaos of foam. I heard an indescribable lamentation, a raw cry filled with the pain of separation. The Light than spoke a calming word at the chaos in the waters. My guide asked me; do you understand the secrets of this vision? I am that Light, the Spirit of God, that existed even before the chaotic waters of potentiality. My calming Word is the Son of God, the idea of beautiful harmony of all with all. The initiation of Hermes (Trismegistos).

Spirit is the Father of the Word, the way in your own experience thoughts precede words. One cannot be divided from the other.

In the darkness of the abyss I saw chaotic shapeless water saturated with a delicate intelligent breath (spirit) of divine authority. Atum’s word descended on the fertile waters and impregnated them with all shapes. Ordered by the harmony of the word, the four elements came into existence, and together formed the breed of all living beings. The element of fire was formed as the stars, and the gods of the seven heavenly bodies eternally turning in their heavenly circles. Than, the Word sprang out of the elements of nature to reunite with the Spirit, the creator, leaving behind only dust that was deprived of any intelligence. the initiation of Hermes (Trismegistos)

(At death, the spirit, the atma, leaves the material body, carrying the enlightened soul, the Jeeva-atma towards God as if it were a prisoner of war.)

‘Mercy and faithfulness will meet; justice and peace will embrace; truth will spring up from the earth and justice will look down from heaven’ Ps 85:10-11.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing that exists came into being. In Him was Life, and that Life was the Light of men. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overpowered it. John; 1; 1 WEY

He stirreth up the sea with his power, and by his understanding, he smiteth through Rahab. By his Spirit the heavens are garnished; His hand hath pierced the swift serpent. Job 26; 12 ASV

This hand is the Light in the middle of the waters, the Hand of God; the Spirit of God..

Awake, awake, put on strength, O arm of the LORD; (Adoil) awake, as in the days of old, the generations of ancient times. Art thou not it that hewed Rahab (the primal sea) in pieces, that pierced the dragon? Isa 51; 9 JPS

The Light inside. The darkness, the lack of Light, lack of Spirit inherent to Matter is usually called the Leviathan.

"Then thou didst keep in existence two living creatures; the name of one thou didst call Behemoth (Material, earthly life) and the name of the other Leviathan. But to Leviathan, thou didst give the seventh part, the watery part; and thou hast kept them to be eaten by whom thou wilt, and when thou wilt. 2Es 6:49

In Paradise a luxurious banquet will be served, and the great leviathan will be the main dish. Baba-Batra 74b - 75a

The just will fly out and rule worlds in the surrounding waters.

These will sit on the seat of power of the Eloheim, using instruments of power, and they will be the Fathers and Mothers of worlds through all generations. Testimony of mary 2;7

In that day the LORD with His sore and great and strong sword will punish leviathan the slant serpent, and leviathan the tortuous serpent; and He will slay the dragon that is in the sea. Isa 27; 1 JPS (See also; Job 3; 8, 41; 1 and Ps 104; 26.)

Die Wahrheit wiegt meistens schwer.

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09.12.2010 20:59
#4 RE: Lilith und Leviathan Antworten

Lilith – Sophia – Maria

Lilith wird auch als die „schwarze Madonna“ überliefert. Auch wird sie in Begleitung von Tieren dargestellt, das kann ein Drache, oder ein Löwe oder ein anderes Tier sein. Den Drachen hält sie in den Armen oder steht mit einem Fuß darauf. Eine solche Darstellung finden wir zum Beispiel in der St. Georgskirche in Reimlingen (südlich von Nördlingen, ganz im Nordwesten Bayerns). Vor dem Hauptaltar (im Osten der Kirche) sehen wir einige Meter links davor einen weiteren, kleineren Altar mit einer Frauengruppe.

Die Wahrheit wiegt meistens schwer.

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