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27.08.2010 17:27
RE: Ninli Antworten

Ninlil (Aruru, Sud, Mylitta, Mulliltu; Lady Lillith, goddess of the ghosts (Lullu means "man", Lilli means "ghost" or "man-soul") is an ancient Sumero-Babylonian goddess of heaven, earth, and air and in one aspect of the underworld. She is also a goddess of grain, which means that she is a fertility goddess of crops and the green nature in general. She and Enlil were worshipped in Nippur. Her consort Enlil impregnated her with water to give birth to Nana, the moon god; she also conceived Nergal when Enlil, disguised as the gateman Kippur, impregnated her. In like manner she conceived the underworld god Ninazu when Enlil impregnated her disguised as the "man of the river of the nether world, the man-devouring river." And, according to some texts she mothered Ninurta, god of the plough and thunderstorms.

She is mostly said to be the daughter of Ninsebargunnu, the barley goddess and Haia, the god of stores, but originally was the daughter of Anu and Ki, earth life, which made her a sister of Enlil. The name Haia resounds in Gaia the Greek goddess of life and is also an old name of Eve; life.


Aruru, title of Nintud, is a type of the mother goddess and usually kept from all married types. She and Enlil were originally sister and brother, like Innini and Tammuz. Enlil developed into a local bêl of Nippur and his consort, originally his sister Aruru was given the name Ninlil. In Meek, 11,13 = BL. No. 88,3 + No. 34, 2 = Craig, RT. 19,6, Aruru is a title of Ninlil and also sister of Enlil. Stephen Langdon Sumerian Liturgical texts.

Die Wahrheit wiegt meistens schwer.

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