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19.05.2011 11:16
RE: Isis Bezug zum Liber Al Antworten

According to Crowley's Liber 777, she is associated with the Tarot (Twos, Threes, Fours, Tens, Empower, Hermit, Hanged Man).

Her gems are ruby, star ruby, turquoise, sapphire, star sapphire, pearl, amethyst, rock crystal, peridot, beryl and aquamarine.

Her plants are amaranth, cypress, opium poppy, olive, shamrock, willow, lily, ivy, tiger lily, geranium, snowdrop, narcissus, lotus, and all water plants.

Her animals are Man, woman, unicorn, sphinx, ram, owl, lion, virgin, anchorite, any solitary person or animal, eagle, snake and scorpion.

Her minerals are phosphorus, silver and sulphate.

Her perfumes are musk, myrrh, civet, cedar, dittany of Crete, dragon's blood, narcissus and onycha.

Her Magical weapons are the lingam, Inner Robe of Concealment, Wand, Sceptre, Crook, Magic Circle, Triangle, Horns, Energy, Burin, Lamp, Wand, Bread, Cup and Cross of Suffering, Wine.

Crowley gives more correspondence for Isis than for any other goddess, he attributes her to seven of his thirty-two paths.

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