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BARCELONA, Spain -- Goalkeeper Victor Valdes may have played his last game for Barcelona after tearing a right knee ligament during Wednesdays league win over Celta Vigo at Camp Nou. Custom Atlanta Braves Jerseys . Barcelona said the injury will require surgery, which would likely rule him out for the rest of the season. The 32-year-old Valdes has said he will leave Barcelona after this season when his contract expires. "This is painful news and is too high a price to pay for these three points," said Barcelona sports director Andoni Zubizarreta. Valdes right knee buckled when he came down after jumping to block a routine free kick. He managed to gather in the ball but then fell to the turf and called to be substituted. The Spanish international was carried to a cart and then shuttled off the pitch with his gloved hands covering his face. Backup Jose Pinto took his place in the 22nd minute with Barcelona leading 1-0. Barcelona went on to win 3-0 with two goals by Neymar and one by Lionel Messi. Valdes was taken to a hospital for tests that determined the severity of his injury. Valdes has played a crucial role in Barcelonas rise to the top of European football over the past decade. In his 12 seasons with Barcelonas first team, Valdes has won three Champions League crowns, six Spanish leagues, and two Copa del Rey titles, among various other trophies. Valdes was also expected to compete with Iker Casillas for the starting job for Spain at this summers World Cup. Barcelona is trying to defend its Spanish league title. It has also reached the final of the Copa del Rey and the quarterfinals of the Champions League. It will now have to rely on the 38-year-old Pinto as it reaches the final stretch of the campaign. Barcelona coach Gerardo Martino said that the club would not look to make an emergency move to replace Valdes, meaning the young and untested Oier Olazabal will serve as Pintos backup. "We wont sign a goalkeeper. We will finish the season with this group," Martino said. "I am not one to believe in bad luck, but at this stage of the season I thought everything that was to happen had already occurred. I was wrong. Its a big blow but this team has rolled with punches for some time now and we will pull through this." Pinto has played 15 games this season, with a record of 12 wins, one draw and two losses. He had played in the Copa del Rey and for Valdes in the league and Champions League when he was injured for eighth games earlier this season. Pinto gave his team, and the Camp Nou crowd, another scare in the second half when he slid into the goalframe, hitting his left knee on the upright. But after a brief spell gathering himself on the ground he was able to continue. The veteran made four noteworthy saves to keep a clean sheet for the hosts. Custom Chicago White Sox Jerseys .com) - Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll knows about life in the NFL from other stints around the league. Clearance Custom Baseball Jerseys . The New York State Supreme Court only partially dismissed the lawsuit, meaning the case could be headed for trial. The tour announced a year ago that Singh would be suspended for saying in a Sports Illustrated story that he took deer antler spray, which was believed to contain the banned substance IGF-1. . On Sunday, hell attempt to become the youngest driver to win a NASCAR Nationwide race on Iowas short track. The 20-year-old Blaney wont be the only kid pushing a podium finish.TORONTO - Drew Hutchisons first full big league season is scheduled to come to an end with a start against the Baltimore Orioles on Friday night. The 24-year-old native of Lakeland, Florida, is 10-13 with a 4.51 ERA. But a FIP of 3.94 and xFIP of 3.89 suggests a better year than the base numbers allow. Hutchison also is working a 23-percent strikeout rate and, entering Tuesdays play, ranked 18th among qualified starting pitchers having struck out 8.82 batters per nine innings. Hutchison discusses his season, his approach to the grind of a long year and shares the one start which has given him his fondest memories. Hint: its not what you may think. Listen to the interview here. Below is the transcript of the conversation: Drew, one more start left before you put the wraps on your first full big league season. How would you describe how your season has gone? HUTCHISON: I think there are a couple of different ways to look at it. Obviously, your first goal every year is to stay healthy and make every start so I think that was my first goal and going into this last one, so far, Ive been able to do that so I think thats a very big positive. I think Ive had a pretty interesting season, a lot of real highs and real lows, unfortunately. But I think overall its been good and I think its a good starting point is probably the best way to sum it up. Youre not going to get to 200 innings but youre effectively knocking on that door the first year off of Tommy John. How has your arm held up over the course of the year? Youve had some time now to look back. Were there periods when youve felt better at times than others? HUTCHISON: Yeah, I think that goes for every year though even if youre not really coming off injuries. Every pitcher goes through that every year. I felt good all year and I felt healthy and strong all year. I think I had to get over little a bit of a hump in the middle of the year and then after I did that I felt Ive gotten stronger as weve gotten to the end here and I feel good and I think thats just a byproduct of pitching and going 100 and however many innings Im going to end up with. I think thats just the normal ebbs and flows of the year. Its funny, talked to Mark Buehrle yesterday and he said the same thing and hes so much further along in his career than you. Can you describe what thats like? I mean, its not so much pain or anything but when you have so-called "dead arm" or youre going through a tired phase, what does that feel like or what does that result in? HUTCHISON: I mean, you talk to any pitcher when they take the mound theyre not always going to feel great, 100-percent, every part of their body. Its just how it is. This season is a long grind and you do everything you can to take care of your body and put yourself in the best position that you can. Thats just part of the long season. Thats just the way it goes. Whatever you have that night you have and you go out there and give it all you have with what youve got. Thats not pain; thats not being hurt; thats none of that. Thats just pitching. Youre striking out about 23-percent of the hitters you face. I think youre Top-20, averaging a little more than 8.8 hitters struck out per nine innings. Are you more of a strikeout pitcher than maybe you thought you would have been when you broke into the big leagues? HUTCHISON: No. I mean Ive always been able to strike out hitters because I feel like I have good fastball command and if you get ahead of hitters then youve earned the right to put them away and thats the way Ive always approached it. Ive always been able to strike out guys through the minor leagues. I had really good command in the minor leagues so I guess sometimes when you have good command youre not really associated with overpowering stuff or striking guys out just because of that. But I think thats just a byproduct of commanding the baseball and when you get ahead of guys youre able to put them away. The slider too is a huge pitch for you. I mean, you were getting, I think, some pretty nice comparisons from outside observers with that pitch. HUTCHISON: Yeah, I think its come a long way, especially since I got called up in 2012. It was probably the pitch I was working on the most at the time. Where its come, even throughout the season, Im real happy with what Ive able to do with it with Pete, you know the work weve put in with it to get it consistent and throwing it to both sides of the plate, which Ive been able to do here recently I think has been part of the reason Ive had so many strikeouts. I think thats big a pitch for me to continue to develop that and continue to get better with all my pitches. My fastball command this year, its been good but it hasnt really been to my standards of it. There have been times where Ive had some bad games when Ive struggled because of the command of my fastball. My command, I take a lot of pride in that so thats been a little bit frustrating to not have that to my standards as much but its something Im looking forward to improving. On a positive note, which start and there have been a few but which start stands out to you as maybe your favourite looking back on the season? HUTCHISON: Chicago. No doubt. Thats interesting because in my head Im thinking Arlington, where you stare down Yu Darvish and you outpitch him. I think it was a two-hit shutout. But Chicago, if you remember that, the tough first inning and then you hung in. HUTCHISON: Yeah, I threw 50-something pitches in the first inning and still went seven. I think thats what pitchings all about to me because as a starting pitcher your job is to go deep and give your team a chance to win. So to be able to go back out there and continue to pitch and get through seven innings given the way I came out and the way I started, wwe did have a chance to win the game. Custom Baseball Jerseys Store. In spite of all that our offence came back and battled. We didnt win the game but at the same time to still have the faith from your manager and your teammates out there to stay out there and keep it right there for them, I take pride in those type of starts because I think thats when you show what youre really made of. Are you any sort of a believer in momentum because I think that Chicago start, the first inning of that Chicago start, was really the last time you struggled quite badly? Youve had a really nice run since that time. HUTCHISON: Yeah, I mean, I was throwing the ball well I felt like going into that and I made a couple of bad pitches. I walked a couple of guys and then gave up a grand slam and then gave up another home run in that inning. Thats whats frustrating about that start, when you look back on it, after the grand slam, you get out of it and we win that game. Instead of being able to bear down I gave up another one in that inning. It was very similar to my start against the Orioles, you know a couple of bad pitches. I guess that can kind of some up my season at some points is dominatingly brutal at times where, you know, you have a good run but you make a couple of bad pitches and you pay for it and thats what happens at this level. Theres a lot of talk about how hard it is and I think that there is proof, given that this team hasnt signed a high profile pitching free agent since A.J. Burnett, about how hard it is to lure free agent pitchers to Toronto because of the homerdome. How difficult is it to pitch in this park compared to some of the other places you go to? HUTCHISON: I mean, it is what it is. I like pitching here. I know a lot was made of my home-road splits early in the year and if you look at them now it kind of tells the story. People get caught up in that and sometimes they shouldnt. It is what it is. We play in the AL East, a lot of big hitters and a lot of small ballparks. Its just what it is. Its a challenge and thats whats fun about it is to face some of the best hitters and not have a lot of margin for error. When you look ahead, yourself, Marcus (Stroman), Aaron Sanchez, Daniel Norris is knocking on the door, there may be a surprise or two coming along down the pipe as well, I mean is this an exciting time in your mind for this franchise with the number of good, quality young arms that you would hope are going to be able to carry this franchise for years to come? HUTCHISON: Yeah I hope so. Obviously to be mentioned as part of that, its exciting. At the same time, this year, its disappointing to be where we were and the opportunity that we had and then ultimately to have what happened happen, its disappointing. I take ownership in that along with everyone else. You never want to chalk things up to experience because Im not a believer in just going out there and getting experience and looking toward the future because its about winning and its about getting the job done now but as you look toward the future it is exciting. Weve talked before. Youre kind of a no-nonsense guy. You dont like excuses. How hard are you on yourself after a tough outing? How able are you to just sort of sluff it off and look ahead to five days later? HUTCHISON: I have my process. Just like a good start or a bad start, you dont get obsessed with a great start and you dont get obsessed with a terrible start, both ways, whichever way it happens to be going for you at that time. You stick to your process and what you need to do to get prepared for your next one because you learn from your previous one, good and bad. I have the standard that I set for myself. Whether people want to say Im too hard on myself or too easy on myself, thats not really relevant to me. I want to win and thats what its about so I do everything I can to go out there and give us the best chance to win every time I take the ball and it sounds cliché and it sounds all that but really thats what its about, to be able to look yourself in the mirror and know youve done everything you can to give your team a chance. Im probably asking you an impossible question because I think Im going to ask you to talk about yourself in a way that you just naturally are. But there are some guys who get so deep into their own heads that they cant come out of it or it eats them up. Youre still so young in this game. Is that a product of the way you were raised, the experiences that you had coming up through the sport? To what do you attribute just your ability at such a young age to just kind of deal with it? HUTCHISON: The things you mentioned, I think its a little bit of all of that. Naturally you are who you are and you cant be anybody else. Im a big believer in you have to be yourself in order to be successful. Definitely part of it could be the way that I was raised or the way Ive come up through baseball with other guys Ive played with or whatever have it be, you know its just me. To be successful I have to do that. As you talk about team and winning I think thats everybody. You have to be yourself within the confines of the team and its just the way I am. How close is this team to being a legit contender in the American League East? HUTCHISON: I think we showed it earlier in the year. Unfortunately we had injuries, just like everybody else had injuries, thats never an excuse you know, you have to step up and get over injuries and things like that. We had a real chance this year and I think we showed the type of team we are and unfortunately we just didnt get the job done. I think its pretty much that simple. Thats on me and every other guy in here and its on us going forward to not let that happen again. Thanks so much, Drew, appreciate it. HUTCHISON: No problem. 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