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In this cold January, the world seems to be quiet, and the bustling city of the past is now a rare silence. The pedestrians who came and went wrapped in thick cotton coats and raised a pure black umbrella to fight the fearless cold. The heart, as if it was cold, was frozen. Also wearing a pure white cotton coat, holding a pure black umbrella, blending with the crowd, through the heavy snow, through the tears of the mother-in-law, indifference to this cold world, as if everything is so lifeless. Black is the main color of the city. The failure of the exam, the score that made me almost impossible to look at Carton Of Cigarettes, filled my brain, I tried not to think about it, but I couldn��t get rid of that heavy, a bitter smile spread on my face, I don��t understand, what else? Can make me strong! The pale eyes, but suddenly mixed with a little pink, I was shocked Marlboro Red, seemingly involuntary, went over. Near, near, the little pink of the stars, like a star shining, infinitely magnified in my pupil, finally, still Mei. In the biting cold wind, the flowers bloom, there is no music, no audience, it is so selfless to show all of its beauty, the red branches are slightly stretched, with a cluster of pale pink flowers Without a bit of publicity, it was so beautiful and beautiful. I was deeply shocked and stood there dumbly, willing to be her only audience. When all things were sleeping, she was not afraid of the cold, and she was afraid of frost. She is so small, but she has her own unique beauty - strong. I hooked my lips, smiled, and threw away the umbrella in my hand, opened my arms, and ignored the strange eyes of the pedestrians, striding forward, looking up, facing the cold snow, but did not dodge, smile, greet her. Like Mei, I don't fear the cold, I don't need an umbrella, I can face setbacks, overcome difficulties, face life, I fearlessly approaching plum blossoms, I understand that the original setbacks are so small, the original is so precious, the heart is thawed. The icy tears, the rising lips, all this is just the beginning, the road ahead is a splendid and open.
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