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A few faint lights shone down and there was silence. I have been sitting on the stage for a long time and I don't want to stand up. It seems that as long as I don't stand up, everything can be returned. Everything is just a dream. How could this be? My mind is blank, only swirling this question. I have been practicing ballet for so many years, is it so miserable? I don't know, I don't want to know. I fell down and ignored the parents and teachers anxiously asking and ran out. I went to the park. Sitting on the swing, I closed my eyes and silently recalled my tears and sweat. When I learned ballet just because I liked to feel the tiptoe, I paid for the unimaginable torture of ordinary people, but I never regret it. Because this is my dream. But today, on such an important occasion, how can I fall? A few drops of tears across my face, I opened my eyes and looked at the golden warm sunshine through my fingers. Today, it is a few days before the sweep. The haze, the sun is so bright. In the swaying, a 16-year-old girl pushed my wheelchair into my eyes. The girl spoke up: "Maybe you don't know me, but I am your sister. Today, I watched your performance, jumped very well, and was much luckier than me. I was a teacher's proud student Cheap Cigarettes, but once again. In the special high-profile performance, I fell down and my legs were broken. You are embarrassed!" Her smile was so sincere and completely touched my heart. I can still jump again, but her sister, she completely lost the qualification to dance, presumably she also experienced a small mistake in the past to give up my dream of persisting for so many years! "Thank you, my sister!" I yelled out, stood up and straightened my waist. "It��s the most beautiful gesture of a ballet dancer!" The sister smiled and said to me. I raised my head and walked toward the warm sunshine Cigarettes Online. Whenever we should raise our heads, try to embrace the sun and pursue our dreams. "The hills are slanting and welcoming. Looking back at the bleak, returning, there is no wind or rain Parliament Cigarettes." It is the attitude we should have.

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