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11.01.2020 03:17
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At midnight, I stood by the bridge, bathed in the moonlight, listened to the flowing water, watched the twinkles of the stars, and wanted to go back to the previous story, unknowingly drunk in your light feelings. The sound of frogs splattered, and I woke up tiredly at night. No one knew how I could shed tears, wet thoughts, draw love, and tie myself to the acacia tree, looking down, thinking of you, to the moon Whispering, eachother, love words chasing like storms. Do you remember, the moment you stepped south on the train, I stood on the platform, tears in my eyes, drowsiness, no one comforted, strangers come and go, there is no familiar figure around me. Lonely accompany me, tears accompany me, endure the suffering of Acacia, and spend a long night of insomnia. But I am so persistent that I believe that a lover will eventually become a family member. In the future, the spring will be bright and the flowers will bloom. From then on, in the season of dreams, on lonely nights, there are often wind and rain looking for joy Carton Of Cigarettes, but without your figure, I don't care, I think of you quietly, and your face is reproduced in tears. Deep in love with you, my thoughts are written in poetry. At midnight, the stars are shining, you are shining in my heart. At midnight, I stood by the bridge, thinking nothing but you. Love you as you first broke into my field of vision with a touch, fell into my heart, and you became my beloved, and became my one and only, I would not want to lose you in this life. Can you be ruthless? When I love you so much that you are at a loss, you choose to walk away quietly, without taking me a trace of care, and there is no audio. How can my heart and my youth stand up to the wind and rain? Day and night, I watched by the window, pondered, listened, the flowers bloomed and fell, and the moon was full and lacked, but I kept pain, kept sad, and gradually deepened I hope you know, you leave like this, my Tears are in my eyes, my heart is bleeding, how many times I have lost myself in my dreams, how many times I have been strong, do not care how many storms, wait for you to set foot on my heart. You know, what's the use of leaving you like this Marlboro Red, let me remember your vows, and treasure your photos? All I need is sweet love, all I need is you. Do you leave like this to end your previous infatuation story or to continue writing your wonderful future life? No matter where you are and how much separation, I still love you, I love you as always, waiting for the eternal soul to speak in the gentle rain, holding a red umbrella, the rain on the umbrella, but it is not your greeting; In the autumn woods, walking with a straw hat, and maple leaves on your heels, but not your figure. The days of first love, such as the drizzle, are getting farther and farther. Is the love of the river as warm as the sunshine in spring? Is the agreed return date as clear as the photos under the lamp, like the tears in yesterday's watch, quietly slipping, wet the difficult years, picking up loneliness, and drying love; the singing in the midnight, gently floating, deep into the heart, vertical Set up a boundary monument, stop the distractions from invading the day, whisper with the grass, the grass is green; talk with the flowers, the flowers are blooming; talk with the water, the water is flowing. At night, whispering with the moon, facing the shadow, thinking about you quietly, this shortens the night, shortens the date of return, and shortens the distance between the heart and the heart. Open your heart, through the morning glow and dusk, expect your shadow to suddenly stretch out my mood and brighten my day. When I miss you, I will sit alone in the moonlight, look at your way, and listen to your echo with my heart Marlboro Gold.
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