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Dead leaves are falling, paving the withering and golden colors of autumn, and using one footprint after another to feel the warmth and comfort of a place, not to mention romance, but suddenly think of farming and harvesting, Chunhua and Qiushi. Ye Luo returned to the roots, feeling the cordiality and destiny of his whole life, and using greetings after sentences to soothe the wounds and pains of parting, not to mention the warmth, but openly believed in years and life, Xia Qin and Dong Chun. This autumn is perfect enough, this autumn is comfortable enough. Step into the winter calmly, let winter be pure. Chunhuaqiushishi, Xiaqindongchun, in this perfect combination, the closing words of winter, let the greetings of winter sound through thousands of mountains and rivers, warm the hearts of millions. Winter is pure and silent, just like a literary and simple girl. The paragraphs come into people's sight Marlboro Red. Winter greetings come from spring, summer, and autumn. There is no more language for greetings in the winter, maybe only a few words, but three seasons have been conceived, full of colorful spring, colorful summer, and abundant autumn. Few words are enough to melt the snow and ice, and it is the warmest to the tens of millions of people in Huaxi, taking the meaning of "flowers like brocade and streams flowing." Huaxi has the Huaxi River, which is called "China Love River Love River". The water is clear, and the fresh water of the river is alive and stealing. | In spring, the clear water and the dazzling beauty of the jewels of the plateau Marlboro Gold, walk into the garden of Huaxi, completely escape the world, full of rapeseed flowers full of the gift of nature or the green of Tianba. In summer, the sun didn't ignore some chapters of Huaxi, and played the summer leisure of ��Changxia River Spring Things Secluded�� with summer insects; men, women, and children swimming with the stream; and interpreting some love stories under the grape stand with the shade In autumn Parliament Cigarettes, the lonely man fished his figure in the quiet stream, and a series of blics eyes. The golden avenue paved with sycamore leaves was followed by a campus story on a bicycle. Winter, the silver plateau pearl Refraction of the four seasons of light. The fine wine brewed by the stream drunks Kuangda and the wild western man in the fire, the quiet fields wrap the bustling street market, and the streets of Cheshuimalong recline into a flute, playing the toil and harvest of the four seasons. In fact, spring, summer, autumn and winter, the seasons are colorful and colorful. Roaming the ancient town, Qingyan's antique color *, quiet and quiet, it is drunk. Lin Linhai, Mengguan highlights the true nature of life *, and high slopes. Trek to the high slope, look up to the height of the nation, and follow the Buyi score to drum up the soul of Shengge into a scene that will never be forgotten. Sing song Genting, feel the grassland style, lie on the grassland, let the grass roots breathe through the whole body, with a strong wild wind blowing away all the earthly thoughts, ugly depression and broken steps of the Baibu Bridge, the streams lick their feet, watching the streams and fish, the streams rippling The twisting self-flower stream in the reflection, the stream of patterns.
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