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23.05.2020 09:19
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Today's activities are as rich as ever. The most interesting thing is rock climbing. In Boy Scouts, there are two types of climbing: outdoor climbing and indoor climbing. We tried indoor climbing a few days ago. There is a thick plastic wall in the room, about 5 meters high, with a lot of plastic feet installed on the wall, which looks uneven. We can follow these steps to climb to the highest end of the wall, climb up and down again, and we are exhausted. Indoor climbing is so difficult, so let alone outdoor climbing. There is no stepping on outdoor climbing, I think what can I do. But I can only follow the big army. I checked with the teacher. For outdoor rock climbing, you have to climb to the top of the mountain and climb on the top of the mountain. We walked and said that we reached the top of the mountain in about an hour. At this time, I was already breathless. There were several large rocks stacked on top of the mountain, and it seemed that the stones would roll down if I accidentally shuddered. I asked again, oh my god, we really want to climb these big rocks. However, the harder the more challenging. I must succeed. We put on a belt, put on a wristband, and began to wait patiently. The first turn is for the chubby first, and after a long wait, the chubby returns. He smiled and said to us: "In fact, it is not difficult. I saw 4 lizards!" Everyone was waiting, and it was my turn immediately. I quickly tightened my belt and walked towards the big rock Marlboro Gold. Sure enough, there was only one small gap between the two large rocks, as I said with the chubby. At this time Cigarettes Online, the interpreter brother came to help me fasten my seat belt. I started crawling. I first kicked hard with my feet and my body went up. Then I quickly clasped a big rock with my hand to keep my body balanced so as not to fall. I looked around to see where I could hold my hand. Just when I saw two big rocks on the edge, I remembered the scene of climbing the door at home before, and I just used this technique. I immediately supported the two large rocks with my hands and moved my body up. I propped up a few more steps Parliament Cigarettes, when my hands and feet were weak. No, I have to think of other ways, yes, I can crawl with the seat belt. I asked the translator's brother downward, and the translator's brother said, "Of course, other students haven't thought of this method yet." So, I grabbed the rope with my hand and climbed up step by step. Sure enough, it was not so difficult, and soon I climbed to the top of the rock. Long live, succeeded. The teacher told me that I was the fastest climber. I'm happy with flowers, in fact, it's all thanks to the way I found it right
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