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24.02.2023 03:15
The ghost shadow sees the action of young master and also quickly push away a car door to stand down Antworten

The ghost shadow sees the action of young master and also quickly push away a car door to stand down, if shadow if block in thousand leaf Xuns' fronts now.Block in the front of is a women, certainly see from the outward appearance, is like also one male a female.
The female wears long hair, the noodles is like roseate clouds, such as the fairy maiden come down to earth, aery unreal, beautiful can not, the man palace in whole body peculiar but very pomp packs, the facial features is fine, eyes such as autumn waters cold pond, didn't be superfluous of feelings but hot person ear eyes.
"Chris Di younger sister Nuo, how have a pleasure station to see moon here?"Thousand leaf Xuns smile this to walk to the front of two human faces and ask a way.
"I am waiting you" the Di promise of Chris swept his one eye, the noodles was expressionless to say.
"Wait me?, That you but allow me to am overwhelmed by special favor"thousand leaf Xun face up of smile an idea thicker, " doesn't know Chris Di does younger sister Nuo wait me for the sake of He Shi?"
"The nature is for killing you" Long Nyu result lead topic, although thousand leaf Xuns basically didn't talk with her she didn't get angry.
She knows three to greatly decide all of the persons of household is proud arrive inside of person, if the Di promise of Chris or thousand leaf Xuns on his/her own initiative is like a person to say "hello" on the contrary will make people feeling very strange.
"Long Nyu, with the woman whom the homicide becomes Buddha" thousand leaf Xuns' realizations finally transfered in Long Nyu's body."The homicidal importance includes reason?Do you never kill people to seek to lend for yourself?"
"Someone hopes that you die" Long Nyu lightly says.
"Is leaf autumn?You is what relate to?I know that Long Nyu loves to kill, but not clear Long Nyu lusts for women.....Are you his woman?"Thousand leaf Xuns' look in the eyeses take to ponder, a face smiles lookinging at of idea Long Nyu.
"BE again how, be not again how?What relation does the matter that this wants to do with me tonight have?"
"I am just curious."Thousand leaf Xun without eye on all sides, then looking at the Di promise of Chris to say:"Do you also want to make moves?You should understand, if you make moves mean what."
"I don't make moves."The Di promise of Chris says, she knows what she makes moves to mean.Mean second especially the orchid Di Si household and thousand leaf the Xun household declare war and mean deathless immortalization of two huge things and also mean that moreover a verdict household will sit the benefit of accepting the fisherman.
"BE?"Thousand leaf Xuns smiled, a piece of rock of in the mind fell to the ground and looking at Long Nyu to say:"If only is your a person.You have confidence to leave our 2?"
With one enemy two, Long Nyu copies 2 people to thousand leaf Xuns and ghost, so of match to return be not been optimistic about, .
Even if is Long Nyu, all having no too many confidence can stay they.
"Luckily I come not to calculate a night, calculate I am a , two to two, how?"The autumn of the leaf they after death came out to say with a smile from Long Nyu.

Volume 3 starts to stand back to be person's chapter 618 to expect a to fight
Long Nyu and Chris Di promise appear, thousand leaf Xuns aren't surprised.The autumn of the leaf bursts upon, but lets the flash across in thousand leaf's Xun eyeses one silk ray of light.
'Feel that I appeared too quickly?According to your plans, this time I should still just sea surface up search your movements just right.'The leaf catches the autumn to the doubt in the his eyes and says with a smile.
'It is quite good.You are really solid to compare me to imagine of want cleverness some.;Thousand leaf Xuns smile to nod.
Thousand leaf Xuns early feel the Yi rattan is smoked they take their they to arrive China of plan lawless acts, so parties the ghost copy in advance arrange good everything.
Rent yacht, rent vehicle, look for substitute.All of all theses carry on under the sistuation that silently have no voice interest.
Even if the Yi rattan is smoked to send a person to follow, again how may with get up the ghost copy of speed?
Say again, under the sistuation that the day benefit still comes short of, the Yi rattan is smoked to also have no to turn over a face with thousand leaf Xuns.
Be make use of the crevice that they don't dare to expose.Thousand leaf Xuns set out like the whole.

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