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09.03.2023 02:20
After this several people, would be three high big escort Antworten

Teng green mountain their 4 people wears in the upstairs food and drink, this Lan month the building the first floor come to a group of persons.
See appearance also be 4510 years old for the man of head, he is dressed in to inset the white fox fur coat of Phnom Penh and still wear a translucent jade to pull on the right hand, is a station over there, all have a Yong permits of spirit.He the body side has a rightness of young husband and wife, among them, that woman bosom is embracing a kid.
After this several people, would be three high big escort.
"Master Lee."That shopkeeper connects to come up to.
"I settle of the dinner party get ready, send to auspicious atmosphere the east come to Ya Jian Qu, Yu son, we go up."This Lee's master cool order way.
"Master Lee, auspicious atmosphere the east come to Ya Jian, already someone at in."That shopkeeper connects a way.
"H'm?"This Lee master eyebrows a wrinkly, the vision sweeps toward him.
Often year body place high, this Lee's master is this look in the eyes, let that shopkeeper in the mind be afraid of, he connects to say:"Master Lee, this can not blame me, lately, a group of persons also wanted to come into this auspicious atmosphere east Ya Jian, is exactly a various Ge childe."
"Various Ge childe?"Master Lee's eyebrows a wrinkly.
This Lee's master, at Yang state salt company's this huge community in, also calculate ascend No.1 person, patrimony must, and many religious sects all have some contact and really calculate to be somebody.
"It is little Zong Zhu."That shopkeeper depresses an orotund way.
"?"Master Lee's one Zheng.
They these go into business of, again full of, also want to try to please each big religious sect, otherwise the religious sect literally sent some people to seize all of his patrimonies.
"Is a various Ge childe, Yu son, breeze son, we go up to visit for a while."Master Lee says.
"Little Zong Zhu?"That young husband and wife, also all is inside strength superior, listen to clear naturally.
"Green Yu is that you return a dollar to believe in that genius."That young man says, " walks, we visit for a while."
That woman is exactly'Li Qing Yu', the man is her husband'Liu is like breeze'.
At the beginning Chuang in the Teng house once answered next'bluish green cold knife'of big business, 182 bluish green cold knives, at the beginning Teng green mountain and father Teng always any, take a group of clansmens, escort 182 bluish green cold knives, once sent to inside the Yang state board of trade building of proper city.
That escort leader'Qin San'the once wild diagram didn't give money, Be blamed on a third party to a Teng green mountain afterwards they, also send a person to make the robber massacre these mountains people who didn't open eyes.
Lan month building the third floors.
Master Lee and his daughter, son-in-law and daughter's grandsons all outside Ya Jian Men, those three escort also at after death, the cool order way of master Lee:"You are three and then don't go in."Later on then clear voice way:"Various Ge childe, Li Jun and my daughter green Yu, come to pay a courtesy call on, also hope a to see!"
Ya Jian inside.
Teng green mountain their a group of persons is eating a ground of happy.
"Li Jun, what person?"The Teng green tiger puzzles a way.
"H'm?Li Jun?That salt company, Li Jun, ?"Various Ge cloud is one Zheng, immediately smiled, " Teng eldest brother, the green tiger eldest brother, sees to we sit of this'the auspicious atmosphere is eastern'Ya Jian is that Lee handsome settle next of, we see once he see and always want to order a face for somebody else."
"Come in!"Various Ge cloud clear voice way.
Immediately'Zhi ah'a , the door pushed away.
That Lee's master leads a daughter, son-in-law to together come in.
"Once saw little Zong Zhu!"This Lee's master smiles one Gong body.
"Master Lee, this can not do, we how many had the graceful that you settle, how can be subjected to your this big gift?"Various Ge cloud intentionally says.
"My inviting little Zong Zhu still could not please, I am little Zong Zhu to settle Ya Jian, and it's my pleasure."This Lee's master is thin to smile, " I for little Zong Zhu introduce for a while, this is that my son-in-law Liu is like breeze, the core pupil of green lake island.Green Yu she, little Zong Zhu also knew."
"Green Yu elder sister Shi, is that I return a dollar religion, I certainly know, is Liu like breeze?H'm, hear that elder sister Shi was married, saw to is this Liu such as the breeze."Various Ge cloud glimpses Liu like breeze, ", is still green core pupil in the lake island, fierce."
Liu,such as breeze, smiles one arch hand:"I the Yang state is inshore, who don't know an of various Ge childe's genius?"

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