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02.03.2023 02:44
Ye Sun Liang no longer talks and seemed and devoted one's minded to attract attention to ex-ly compete Antworten

"Probably BE.The person like this is getting tooer many."The silver eye also smiles an answer" silver eye.You have to remember.You are originally my Ao two Buddha Lai the granddaughter of the gram.One of the three greatest military instructors of number one.No matter at any time, you have to understand you's position is what."Get a lord to looking at a granddaughter face up suppress don't live of joy, harsh voice remind a way.The silver look in the eyes feeling in a soft voice says:"Grandpa.I know.I have been knowing.
I am a cutthroat."
Ye Sun Liang no longer talks and seemed and devoted one's minded to attract attention to ex-ly compete.
But the in the mind is just thinking what, who know again?
On the field, leaf autumn and war absolute being 2 people with quick dozen quick, on connecting to collide more than 200 boxings, body finally and again of separate.
2 people nearby and respectively send back several steps, a face dignifiedly looks at the other party.
The position that they just stood has already appeared a much deep Hu type of two half rices deep pit, that is what double feet is made an effort to trample out.
Now, their facial expression already not before so natural and unrestrained easy.
The dress Shan is a bit in great disorder, also have many places be torn open son.The forehead and body upper-class Chang wears the sweat bead of big big and also have each other stay to the other party of some isn't a very serious scar.
"The autumn of the leaf.You don't respect me."Fight absolute being to icily say.Eyes lookinging at a leaf for autumn are some icinesses.
"I have already made an effort."The autumn of the leaf picked to pick eyebrows and said.
"Not.Arriving of my felling, your real strenght is far far not only these.Do you remember?The first time when we meeteach other that face for you to see me took precautions against of appearance.That time, you make me don't have sense of security.Your strong fearfulness."
"This is also the reason that I insist on to challenge toward you.But, you the performance come out now far far not enough.If is only such, you are about to fail.I like victory very much, but I want fair combat."
"See, need to be used four heavy strength son."The autumn of the leaf wishes.
"The autumn of the leaf.My performance come out of haven't the real strenght canned earn your respect?"
"You are fierce.It is very severe."The autumn of the leaf from the heartly says a , this guy, a bit remarkable.
Several oneself has opportunity to harm his, but be all been skillful by him of stay away.That kind of mysterious step even he can't see through.
And, feel that each one punches is actually true at of come from his oneself.So, why didn't the slightest weaken towards after touching more than 200 boxings, his strength.Is on the contrary more and more strong?
Originally, the leaf autumn think to only compare to put together a fist and then can defeat opponent.
"So, why don't you give me a game of equity?"Fight absolute being to counter-question a way.
"I am getting more understand."The autumn of the leaf says:"So.Let us real beginning."
Truely start.

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