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02.03.2023 03:00
Fight absolute being to pant noisily of lie on the ground Antworten

Volume 3 started to stand back to be person's chapter 665 to finally seek to come
Fight absolute being to pant noisily of lie on the ground, on the face but hang one to be subjected to Nue empress extremely satisfy of pleased facial expression.The combat of this degree is what he likes.
"The autumn of the leaf.Are you also a remarkable talent?"
"Just the use technique of a little son mentality."The autumn of the leaf smiles to nod.The affair like this didn't conceal of necessity.
And, if war absolute being would like to of words, will check oneself's performance on the boundary general assembly in sky naturally.
Silver eye at that time also on the liner, probably own understand for her was also enough to be getting more.
"Not.That isn't a little son.We sea Mo the household has the Mi of mentality self-discipline originally.I the time since the childhood be forced self-discipline mentality by the household.But so passed by for several years, the political ability was small.You can in so quick time inside from my hand's inside, recruit to control, succeed, and with more relentless of the speed throw rock back.The proving your mentality has to compare my too many strong six,
Fighting absolute being to looking at a leaf is young for autumn some excessive faces, take to have saying of infinite setback feeling:"The autumn of the leaf, I am really curious.You are young, how can self-discipline so deep mentality of?"
"Is a lot of?May be control breath aller right."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.He always can not tell other people, oneself has a miraculous ring.No matter is oneself asleep or awake, its Kang … not Cha of just absorb the spirit of Na Yin for me.
But oneself brain inside of inside grow but again and without a break revolve, annoy the conversion to the Yin of this originally dirty ash into most the mentality of pure and unadulterated.
This too terror.Telling others will frighten something to pour to the person.
"Control breath?The luck is a good Kui west."Fight absolute being to climb from the ground.Walk to the leaf autumn in front, very heavily clapped to clap his shoulder, say"anyway, you vanquished me.It pay to honor.Because I have never lost."
"I come out its never thought that.Your real strenght is also very strong."Leaf autumn one face smile idea ground condescension.
Continue to laud me.My on the hoof power then the source is hereat.
"Damn.I don't like modest young man."Fight absolute being to dissatisfiedly say.Root from set in the pocket cigar, after sparking after deeply absorbing an one mouthful, say"words like this, you make me feel that I isn't worth a damn.You vanquished me, but said that oneself is a luck.So, what am I regarded as?"
"The condescension is a China person to spread the virtue of line."The silver eye comes over here to say.Then looking at to fight absolute being, concern ground to ask a way:"Sea Mo, you are all right?"
"Have no matter son.This son injury calculates what?Silver eye, your taste is quite good."Fight absolute being meaningful see one eye leaf autumn, say with a smile.
"I don't understand your meaning."The silver eye is tiny to say with a smile.Have to admit, in the mind but, Tu, ground jump a while of fierce.
"Three wells are burning to don't account an advantage today, by all means not kind give up.You have to be careful."The autumn of the leaf gives repeated advice to say.
"Stop worrying.We the number one always have never feared who."Silver eye self-confident smile.Still enjoy very much to the concern in leaf autumn.
Take leave silver eye and a group of people, the leaf autumn again takes big troops to return to half mountain luxurious villa.
The member of thunderbolt squad mostly 100 war elites, not only only will kill people as well as save a person.At least"order son skin external injury can still handle.

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