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Ya Jian inside, and then resumed calmness.
"Hum, green Yu elder sister Shi unexpectedly marries green island pupil in the lake."Various Ge cloud whispers a way.
Teng green mountain the eyebrows is wrinkly heart bottom dark way:"That Lee's master, do I seem to where once see!"Last time Teng green mountain at the age of 10 , saw Li Qing Yu and her father's master Lee, that Lee's master and he was just pleasure of having met once, but the at the beginning just green puckery young girl of Li Qing Yu, is all person Fu at present, the shape qualities changes not small.
"H'm?Is him!River rather county master Lee!"Teng green mountain eyes are bright to get up a while, he finally thought of.
Shout ground, the Teng green mountain stood.
"Green mountain, how?"The Teng green tiger is one Zheng.
"Green tiger, we sent bluish green cold knife in those early years proper city, that Lee's master, that called'Yu son'of rich family young lady, have you already forgotten?"The Teng green mountain noodles permits cold come down, direct dynasty the door outside walk to, Teng green tiger Zheng Zheng, Leng a while, immediately eyes stare roll a circle.
"Is them!"The Teng green tiger suddenly and violently rises and also follows to rush out.
"How?"Various Ge cloud and various Ge green 2 people's one Zheng, also connect to start.
Come out Ya Jian, the Teng green mountain is careful on listenning, in a twinkling targeted a graceful of south.
At the beginning the robber robs to kill Teng green mountain their a group of persons, although because of the cause of Teng green mountain, a group of person's nobodies of Chuang in the Teng house die, but have an eyes Be getting blinder, a thigh break, often the year paralyzes in the bed, and one breaks arm.
Those three clansmens can all follow hunter's brigade, there is the good brave fellow of number inside the clan.
So of be discarded!
The Teng green mountain in the mind hasn't been forgetting this enemy!
At the beginning if have no a Teng green mountain, probably those 30 several people in Chuang in the Teng house, will be killed only, at the beginning Teng green mountain for the sake of the clansmen endure don't make reprisals, the Teng green mountain once thought at that time-wait later had an opportunity, certainly wanted to kill that Qin three!
The Teng green mountain walks over there, one feet Chuai is past.
"Peng!"The front door is opened by the Chuai.
"Who!"The that Lee drinking of master disaffection rings out, while those three escort all more stood.
", Is little Zong Zhu's friend."Present smiling face on the that Lee master face, " just come in quickly."
The Teng green mountain stands on the doorway, apathetically toward Ya Jian inside on sweeping, the vision in a twinkling targets those three one persons in escort, the Teng green mountain remembers clear, these three escort, an among those call'Qin Da Dun', is at the beginning help them talk, but the station is on the side of that is exactly Qin San!
"You are Qin San!"The Teng green mountain inhospitality looking at him.

Chapter 16 I call a Teng green mountain
Ya Jian inside a group of person's some hairses receive.
"Qin San, do you know this small brothers?"That Lee's master puzzles to inquire a way.
Does Qin San also feel suspicious by himself/herself.
At present this young man is basically incognizant by himself/herself, however Qin San hears the big master say, also know that the at present person is to return a dollar Zong Shao believes in a main friend, right away arch hand way:"This brothers, at under is exactly Qin San, can seem, I am incognizant you!"
At by this time, disillusion of slow the Teng of 1:00 the green tiger finally ran.
"Is incognizant I?"The Teng green mountain facial expression adds Sen more cold.
"Qin San!Still know your grandpa not?"Is a to suddenly and violently drink, the Teng green tiger hurtled into a house a while, if form crazy tiger, a start to copy flank of solid wood chair, several thousand catties of energies infuse go into on this chair, then bad ruthlessly toward that Qin three malicious failed past.
The chair is a head to hit and also have some to deliver to receive of Qin San also Nu:"Which come of the dog Niang keep!"The chair that the lance that pulls out a waist at the same time is malicious to split at that wood up.
The wood chair is ground to split, the chair fragment is dispersed to fly indiscriminately, has of hit on Qin San, also have of hit at that table of up food plate, the plate is pulverized, the food also splashed out, immediately one surprised noise of shouting, the that Lee green Yu connects curved body, protect own son.

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