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09.03.2023 02:31
BE putting a handle to fly knife on the his right hand wrist Antworten

That robber robs to kill, two uncles broke a leg!Like a man, discard during a lifetime!
"Give me the dead!"The Teng green tiger is a short body, a record to sweep a leg.
"Green tiger!"The Teng green mountain connects to drink a way.
Come out this time, everyone didn't lead troops a machine, if the Teng green tiger takes a long gun, can not necessarily win, much less now have no weapon.
"Seek dead!"Qin San is also one cruel hand hot person, he doesn't ask for a person like, who dare to ask for him?The other people want to kill him now, he which can also attend to other, the whole individual starts to jump and once hid this to record to sweep a leg, the right hand holds that handle lance at the same time malicious with a downward exposure the square split!
Teng green tiger a grasp a flank everywhere the table leg of table.
That big table is directly danced toward starting to jump of Qin San is failed past.
"Hum."Qin San sneers at, that lance directly chopped into pieces everywhere a table, the close behind sword certainly didn't reduce later on, direct dynasty Teng the green tiger split pass by.
In this a moment-
A wisp of cold light is in one Shan inside Ya Jian but die!
"!"One bellows, that Qin's three lances in the hands not from sell.
"Die."Teng green tiger but is on recording Chuai, Chuai to Qin San's chest, the Qin San's left hand Wu wears right hand, at fall in of at the same time, the right foot lightly orders the Chuai of the green tiger at the Teng up, the whole individual lends power dynasty rear leap one Zhang, unload to pound at dint this just fall in.
His facial expression is pale, the left hand holds a right hand wrist.
BE putting a handle to fly knife on the his right hand wrist!
"Soon fly knife!"That Liu such as breeze eyes cold only one Shan, not from see throw the Teng green mountain that flies knife to the moment, the Teng green mountain just saw Teng green tiger in danger and certainly needed to make moves.
"Stop!You exactly want to do what, say is clear!"The that Lee master Nu drinks a way.
"The boy is died."
Moreover two escort see oneself's younger brother Shi being shot to wear a wrist, not from have a fit.2 people'Mao!Mao!'2 pulled out lance.
"Stop."Master Lee also drinks a way to them.
"Master!"A among those escort hasty way, that Lee's master apathetic way:"The affair clears up to say again!"Immediately he sees toward the Teng green mountain of doorway, by this time, little Zong Zhu'various Ge cloud'and the various Ge was also green to get to Ya Jian Men of outside.
This Lee's master calm and steady face way:"Little Zong Zhu, your this friend is what is the row, don't ask the green and red soap the white, a come in will kill me to escort, return will I this likes a table of dinner party and puts across this appearance!"
Various Ge cloud and various Ge green 2 people are also very blurred.
However various Ge cloud is a Xi to say with smile:"Li Da Dun's master, are you why the hurry hasty?Isn't a table of dinner party Yao, if is us not to, I compensate 1 table to you, however in advance we must see, exactly is who to who wrong, to?"
"I also really want to know, the sequence of events of affair!"The cold track of master Lee.
"Teng eldest brother, what is the row?"Various Ge cloud sees toward the Teng green mountain.
Teng green tiger but hasty Nu way:"Still ask what is the row?You let this makes Qin San's you in dog day say!"Say the dead dead stares at that Wu to begin Qin San of wrist, " Qin San, you can't forget Chuang in the Teng house, can't forget those 10,002 silvers!"
Also the Teng green mountain inhospitality stares at that Qin three.
"Chuang in the Teng house?10,002 silvers?"Qin San is also very blurred by himself/herself.
These year heel in that Lee's master after death, Qin San was also secretly greedy for Mo many silvers, however is all that the small dozen is small to make, that Lee's master is also a Zheng eye to shut an eye, as for'Chuang in the Teng house', affair for the past seven years, this'Li Jia Zhuang''Wang Jia Zhuang'various Chuang son was countless, his Qin San which still remember.
"You are exactly who!"Qin San pulls out flying of wrist knife and orders cave to stop bleeding, come forward two, and own two famous masters the elder brother be juxtaposed, the Nu drinks a way, " I root incognizant you!"
"Little Zong Zhu, you heard?"That Lee's master sinks a track.

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