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23.03.2023 02:45
Other inborn the strong is silent, an is very annoyed Antworten

But ……
There is 1:00 that is for certain-if an inborn strong is a young man facial appearance, , this person of representative isn't that the real strenght is the strongest, a natural endowments best!After all many people all arrive medium old age, just break attain inborn.But attain inborn in the 34-year-old breakthrough of, the prospect is better.
"Our free inborn, totally 6."The Teng green mountain vision sees toward those religious sect person's horses and see through to dress up and then distinguish, shoot the absolute being mountain in day five strong, the free and unfettered temple is six, snow eagle teaches five, also have ……wear black full-length gown, wear 9 people of gold color mask, even in from the outward appearance beyond recognition they is male is female.
"Ying surname household, come to strong of nine inborns?"The Teng green mountain marvels to say.
Flank ground white tunic youth'Liu Xiu'say with smile:"Ying surname household, that but be second only to'the temple of Mo Ni'of influence, the superior is like cloud, in the Yong state but the inveteracy, 3,000 in Qin Ling, the everyones all want to join Ying surname household.In those early years Qin Ling Tian's emperor was a Ying surname household, left many Mi books, accomplished an a great deal of superior naturally.They send nine black dresses enforce the law, the small vegetables is 1 disc."
The Teng green mountain nods, the heart bottom is dark to sigh.
The Zu teacher of Yu emperor, Qin Ling Tian's emperor and sakya, poem sword fairy Lee too white these are four to strong, that is already the peakest strong.Their comprehension toward martial way has already attained satisfactory state.A, ten thousand all.Can create a various ingenious self-discipline method with the hand, there is the cheat, is heavy basal.
There is in great quantities ingenious ancient works, ability teach according to his ability.
So, the temple of Mo Ni, Yu emperor's door and Ying surname household is three the strongest in the eight greatest religious sects, the inborn strong amount also has to be a little more more astonishing.However Qin Ling Tian's emperor and Yu the emperor cost energy in the unified world and govern a country up.Be different from the sakya Zu teacher cost on the group.So ……Yu emperor's door, Qin Shi's household, the temple of Mo Ni of ratio all differ a to raise.
As for poem sword fairy'Lee is too white', that is free and unfettered to walk world, don't set up religious sect, don't govern world, carefree whole life.
Teng green mountain they one big cluster of inborn strong, leisurely and carefreely wait for, but difficult Anne in the heart of a group of persons in the green lake island.
The bise once blows, the non-commissioned officer around patroling didn't dare to send out one silk voice, only and perhaps arouse 12 inborns strong of fury.
"The person is getting more more and more."Zhao Dan Chen a pair of swords eyebrows wring together, " lord in the island, if this continues, moreover many religious sects cooperate, so many inborn strong, we the hard anti- carry on the shoulder not to live."Before only 16 inborn strong, they the green lake island dare be also tough for a while, but if the other party inborn is strong is too many, bother.
Other inborn the strong is silent, an is very annoyed.
"Each big religious sect ground inborn strong, can send come of.The estimate is all most at least a solid inborn Dan!There is also a little amount inborn gold Dan strong.The this group comes together together ……have no other ways."
The thou Yong is cool to shout a way, "a life time friend."
"Dad."Beside not the ancient life time friend of distance connect to run to come over.
"You take a few soldiers and first seal bottomless pit entrance to cave with the steel, after, seal with the mud again strict solid.Want from the outward appearance, can not see clearly ……end, again spreads the ground to put on this mud."The thou Yong order way all has ground to spread inside each soldier debt, is let the non-commissioned officers sleeping.That soldier debt was just cover to live a bottomless pit at first.
But now, thou Yong but want that soldier debt, the lane ground is similar to the other soldier debt.
There is a ground spreading, all there is table.
The only differentiation, the ground bedding lived entrance to cave.
"BE, dad."The thou a life time friend connects a way and quickly shouted ten silver Jiao soldier non-commissioned officers to start handling affairs.
"Lord in the island, your meaning?"The 11 inborns strong sees toward the Yong in thou.

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