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16.03.2023 10:04
The Zang Feng is hundred percent to oneself's confidence Antworten

The Teng green mountain also sees toward this Zang Feng.
"Teacher!"Zang Feng polite way, " green mountain younger brother Shi's his real strenght is extraordinary, also signed a great achievement.Really entitle to become to get generally!Just, green mountain younger brother Shi is after all far too young, experience very few, at the beginning teacher Bo Zu serves as unification to get, our 3 people believes.But green mountain ……I see, still temporary make him serve as the fourth to get generally well!"
Close green and huge mountain 2 people but all silent.
The Zang Feng heart bottom Tan Te, waits a various Ge dollar Hong hair words!
"Back bottom!"The various Ge dollar Hong drinks a way.
The Zang Feng is one Zhi, the title sees Hong toward the various Ge dollar.
The various Ge dollar Hong facial expression is dipped down:"Who be unification get, is me and enforce the law elder to negotiate decision together, is that you said calculate?Like, Feng son, you back first bottom."
The Zang Feng heart bottom is one earthquake.
At return a dollar position religion tallestly and undoubtedly is believe in a lord and enforce the law elder.The important event all generally believes in a lord and enforce the law elder company the quantity decide, he a pupil Be really not qualified to doubt this decision.Is unwilling in the Feng heart ……these in the last years, he is representative's person that returns a dollar religion young generation.
No man can compare with him.
The Zang Feng has never backed bottom, a grind teeth a clear voice way:"Teacher!Four greatly get this to make seating arrangement generally, seeing real strenght.In those early years, teacher Bo Zu defeated my 3 people, but at present!Green mountain younger brother Shi wants to serve as unification to get, must also let a public.I the first challenge ……see how the green mountain younger brother Shi's skill is!"
Believe in a lord'various Ge dollar Hong'see a form inwardly sigh.
He this disciple'Zang Feng'perseverance really not bad, also with talent, the only not good place-think greatly of fame and wealth too much!In the black A soldier, the Zang Feng thinks greatly of the cent of superiority grade very much, the generally black A soldier is all all, see this Zang Feng heart bottoms all deliver Chu.
"Connect who to is an unification to get!This small matters all dispute ……the vision is narrow.Get generally?Elder?It all is falsely.Attain inborn, become a strong inborn, that is the true skill."Various Ge dollar Hong to the pupil' Zang Feng', obviously some dissatisfied, " also lends the hand of green mountain this time and like teach to teach him.Hope, he can wake up with a start!"
Various Ge dollar Hong, to this with talent and determinate pupil, still keep entertaining a hope.
"Green mountain, would you like to meet challenge to battle?"The various Ge dollar Hong sees toward the Teng green mountain, elder inside the palace, protect a method and get generally all see toward the Teng green mountain.
"Pupil would like to."The Teng green mountain Gong body way.
The Zang Feng saw Teng green mountain one eye, the vision was like knife.
Various Ge dollar the Hong Be tiny to nod, then clear voice way:"However, today is a green mountain to take office unification to get!Isn't proper to challenge ……Feng son, you back bottom first!The green mountain answers first today war A, treat September 28 that day, moreover three get generally, but have defy of, may well to challenge a green mountain!Who finally win, for the unification get!"
"BE, teacher.Does "Zang Feng this just backs bottom, glimpse a Teng green mountain, " hum and kill a Meng farmland?And black and white two elder match equally?The real strenght is afraid to isn't weak.However ……the year is only 17, I don't believe, he is my opponent of《meteor knife 》 !"
The Zang Feng is hundred percent to oneself's confidence.
Big palace on, the Teng green mountain respectully once connected that Xuan iron war AN and the unification gets a waist card!
"Get generally of'Xuan iron heavy A', indeed as expected weigh most ."On giving on the hand, Teng green mountain clear weight.100 men are long'red iron heavy A', one whole set of Lien Chan Xue, and helmet...etc., add foot to contain more than 200 catties.But all all one whole set of cold iron war A, then once had 300 catties.After all only a cold AN inside iron several catty.
But get generally of one the whole set of Xuan iron heavy A, add, but lead 500 catties!
Even if is top-grade Wu Zhe, wear 500 catties of on the body, will feel uncomfortable.And if hope Hong and huge mountain that etc. to approach the real strenght of 《ground placard 》 , usually can also bear.If one by one fight, influence vivid too much, all generally will take off, wears to fight inside A, thus can understand, red scale monster that scales and shell have much good!
One whole set, just 100 catties of or so.

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