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Sun Tzu's Art of War is my favorite military book. It was written by Sun Tzu during the Spring and Autumn Period and played a great role in the later military. Sun Tzu's Art of War is divided into 13 chapters, which tells about war strategy, combat command, random response on the battlefield, military geography, and special combat methods. Let us know Sun Tzu's military philosophy, and make our military better and better. Among them, I like the oldest part of the third "Conspiracy": "The old soldiers went down, the second went down, the second went down, and they went down to attack the city." What it means is that the best strategy is to win by military, then to defeat the enemy by diplomatic means is to use the army to attack the enemy, and the best strategy is to attack the city. Because it tells me that everything can be solved with wisdom, and the use of force is the lowest way. The use of force often results in the defeat of both. However, with wisdom, the greatest benefit can be obtained without having to kill a single soldier Marlboro Gold. Such things often happen in the class I'm in Marlboro Lights. Fighting because of a little thing, the result was punished by the teacher. In fact, you can find a teacher to educate that classmate, or you can find a monitor to let the monitor educate him. In this way, he can correct his mistakes without losing any of them. I also like one sentence: knowing oneself and knowing one another and not losing one battle; The meaning of this sentence is that if you know the other side and you, you will be undefeated; if you do n��t know the other side and you are familiar with yourself Wholesale Cigarettes, you will lose or win; Because, if you know yourself and the other party, you can prepare and plan. Victory is naturally yours. I have a good friend, Zhang Xuyan. We played together from an early age and knew each other. Once, we two played badminton. He plays every day, and I play once in a while. Although he is stronger than me, he has weak points. I pick his weak points to attack every time I play a short ball, so he ca n��t get it. Based on this, he always draws with him. He I'm not convinced every time. "Sun Tzu's Art of War" allowed me to understand a lot of truths, allowed me to learn a lot of military knowledge, and applied this military knowledge to my life very well, which gave me a lot of unexpected gains.
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