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to the police station to let the you Antworten

After reading The Cat Who Sings Marlboro Gold, I have seen the beauty of the world. I understand that persistence, kindness, and dedication are all things we should learn and inherit. "The Cat Who Sings" moved me the most. In this book, it tells that Erya, like her mother tiger cat, is a noble and elegant cat, and it is also a very noble cat. A caring cat, when she knew that Simon ��s newspaper seller was a deaf and mute grandfather, in order to help the grandfather improve his living conditions, Erya was determined to learn to speak, and practiced hundreds or thousands every day and night. After all the practice, I finally practiced my throat husky, but it still didn't give up, which moved me very much. In the end, Kung Fu paid off. Erya learned the words, and helped the grandpa sell a lot of newspapers every day to make him live a good life. On Christmas day, Santa took Erya in a dream. An unfamiliar room. In this ward, there is a beautiful mother Marlboro Red. When the car accident happened, she hugged her child in her arms and protected her. However, she was injured and turned into a vegetative body, and her father died in the car accident. . The next day, Erya found the hospital and saw Yiyi constantly singing her favorite song "Lu Binghua" for her mother, hoping to wake her up. The little girl's move moved her Newport Cigarettes, and she also learned to sing this This song helped Yiyi achieve his wish together. In each late night, this beautiful and touching "Lu Binghua" echoed in this ward. On the day when the lily blossoms bloomed, the "Sleeping Beauty" finally woke up. This reminds me of the daily work of police, courier, sanitation workers, etc., regardless of the wind, sun, and rain. People, I think people who have contributed to the society, they are just as good as Erya, their selfless dedication, helpfulness, and perseverance are the spirits that each of us should learn. One day, a young man lost some money, and that money was a huge sum that just happened to be picked up by a passerby. The passerby hesitated, and finally handed it over to the police station to let the young man get What she lost, at the end of the road, learned that the young man's money was used to pay her mother for the surgery. If it wasn't for passers-by's ambitious and helpful people, maybe her mother might dead. Everyone was stunned. The passerby was not like everyone else. After picking it up, he would not return it and swallow it alone. Maybe she thought about it, but she finally returned it, didn't she? We should learn the spirit of passers-by who are not ignorant of money and help others. Through the book "Cat Who Sings", I understand: Be a person who is willing to help and help others. Be helpful and helpful
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